What’s New in DMO 2.0?

We’ve just released the new and improved “2.0” version of DMO which comes with some significant changes. What kind of changes? Read on below…

1. DMO 2.0 is now “always open”*. In the past, we only launched this course twice a year. If timing didn’t line up with your schedule, you’d be outta luck. But now, timing is strictly up to you. Sign up today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. We’ll be waiting to roll out the red carpet as soon as you hit that “Register” button.

*The one catch to being “always open” is that we can only support so many students at any one time to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience from the course. So you may encounter periods where registration is temporarily paused until we can accommodate more students in the ongoing training.

2. Tuition for DMO 2.0 is significantly less than it has ever been before. Since March 2020, none of us has had it easy. When Jenn and I decided to bring DMO back at the same time that much of the world would be reopening and coming back to life, it only felt right to offer this course at a reduced price. Will it stay at this price forever? Likely not. But for now, rest assured that you have the opportunity to experience DMO at its most affordable rate yet.

3. You’ve got four months to complete DMO 2.0. In our previous launch-based cohorts, students moved through the course content in only five weeks and then had a remaining month to complete their assessments. Now, we’ve expanded that time frame to four months to give you more time to digest all the content we pack into this program. No more cramming to meet our deadlines. Instead, take your time and immerse yourself in this content without having to rush through it.

4. We’ve replaced live group calls with regular Zoom office hours. Office hours are scheduled to accommodate different time zones around the world. Not only that, our District Leaders can lead their office hours in different languages to help support your learning process. Rather than feeling intimidated in a large Zoom call, you can instead ask questions in an intimate group of your peers. You might even score one-on-one time with the DMO team and experience a private tutorial on all things Detour!

5. DMO 2.0 now lives on Canvas, professional-level education software used in schools and universities around the world. Jenn searched high and low, researching each and every option for online learning platforms. Teachable… Thinkific… Udemy… Kajabi… she looked at all of those and more. Canvas stood out above the rest because of how it supports communication and connection. The platform was built using the most modern HTML and CSS technologies and is committed to W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative and Section 508 guidelines. It provides enhanced accessibility tools like video resizing, closed captioning, speed control, and audio and text-based supplementary resources. You’ll also have the option to submit assignments in writing, or in audio or video formats. Canvas truly is a world-class platform that accommodates a diverse range of learning styles.

6. Our streamlined review process prioritizes individualized feedback on your work. Every time you submit an assignment (there’s one for each of the four modules), your instructor will review your work and provide personalized feedback. That might include follow-up questions or recommendations for how to take things to the next level. You’ll have the ability to respond to your instructor’s feedback and engage in productive two-way dialogue so you’re never left hanging.

7. Your self-study experience is now supported with an EPIC answer key. We’ve always used questions and prompts throughout the DMO videos to keep you thinking, questioning and researching throughout the course. The answers to those questions were previously discussed on live group calls. That meant it was up to each student to record the answers themselves. In DMO 2.0, we’ve included a downloadable PDF that’s nearly 50 pages long. It houses the answers to ALL of the questions posed throughout the course, leaving no stone unturned.

8. You’ll never be on your own thanks to our District Leaders. Previously known as Team Leaders, our District Leaders are exactly that—the head instructors of specific regions like North America and Australasia. We organize the DMO student body to match those regions, minimizing time-zone issues and making it that much easier for you to connect not only with our team but also with your peers.

9. You do NOT need to be on Facebook to join the DMO 2.0 Think Tank. The Think Tank is our private discussion forum reserved exclusively for DMO students. It now lives on the Mighty Networks platform, meaning you won’t run the risk of getting sucked into the social media vortex every time you want to post a question or participate in a DMO-based discussion.

10. Enjoy four months of free access to the Detour Virtual Studio to complement your learning. While the DVS has been around for the last two launch-based cohorts of DMO, we’ve continued to add classes from new RYDIs that highlight what it looks like to blend the Detour Method into flow-style practices. You’ll also see specific classes that we’ve recommended to accompany each module where the themes explored really bring DMO content to life.

In DMO 2.0, we’ve added as much as possible without taking anything away. The structure of this course remains the same, as does the underlying philosophy behind it which has made DMO a fixture in the yoga and movement communities since 2018. To learn more about registration, pricing, and how the course works, go here.

Hope to see you inside DMO soon,


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