The Smartest Person in the Room

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

– someone smart

I did this thing a few weeks ago where I sat down with Lovedeep Dhunna—the guy who’s had the biggest impact on how I understand strength—and asked him questions live on Instagram. It was part of the flurry of activity you would have seen leading up to our launch of Detour Method Online. But if you missed it, you can now find it on our YouTube channel.

I wanted to talk to LD on camera for a few reasons:

– Others need to benefit from his brain.

– One of the things he’s helped me understand is the relationship between (lack of) muscle tone and (increased) sensitivity/pain – particularly how that relates to sciatica or sciatic pain.

– He got me to see some of the reasons why self-massage with therapy balls and foam rollers isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

– He instilled in me the value of progressive overload and what it means to effectively apply stress to our tissues.

When you see how his mind works, you’ll 1) be jealous that I get to hang out with this guy all the time and 2) wonder how you can get him to talk more about the other things you’re interested in.

I can’t help you with the jealousy bit but I can help you get your questions answered—send ’em my way and we’ll tackle them together in some future IG Lives.

If nothing else, I hope that when you watch this video it inspires you to seek out those who will teach and inspire you in the way that LD has done that for me. When I’m with him, I’m so far from being the smartest person in the room that it motivates me to no end.

Go find the people who make you feel good about the fact that you don’t know everything. These people are NOT the same as those who make you feel like shit for not knowing everything – those people don’t deserve to be found.

Seek out the ones who remind you that becoming a better human isn’t a chore. Ask them questions. Listen to their answers. Hang out and watch them work. Be a student of all the things they have to teach you – even the stuff you didn’t know you were interested in learning.

Here’s the link to the video. If it brings up more questions, just reply to this email.

Yours in discovery,


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